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earhardt. >> good morning patti ann and heather. the city hit the worst gran berry texas. 30 miles southwest of fort worth. officials rushing as many as 50 people to the hospital. crews are searching for even more. >> we have i think 18 personnel had bulldozers out there trying to get people in and get people out. it was a war zone like we have saw in the past with returns from the coast. it was bad. >> at this point many people are thankful they are alive. >> our neighborhood is gone. it's just gone. we made it, but there's people missing still. there's a lot of hurt people out there. >> the severe thunderstorms left the roads flooded and hail the size of golf balls. take a look at this picture. that's a ball of hail. >> there's a lot of heavy winds and rain the hail is coming down. we had golf sized hail. after that the wind got real high. we knew it was coming. we ran into the hallway. while we were in the hallway we could hear the sirens and we actually heard, it sounded like a train. we could feel the walls shaking and the wind. it was real heavy, heavy, heavy. >> unbelievable
and strong ones. and bigger cities than yesterday. kansas city, wichita, oklahoma city and then for tomorrow this threat pushes eastward and gets towards chicago and even is also. keeping an eye on it, poppy, as we head toward today and as these watches and warnings unveil themselves. >> i hope it's a quieter day than what we've seen all week. al alexand alexandra, thank you. >> sure. >>> this just into cnn, some breaking news to tell you about having to do with north korea. a north korea firing off another short-range missile today happening some time sunday afternoon in that time zone. this is according to a report out of the south korean news agency yanhap. the missile was fired away from south korea, we're told. this comes on the heels of yesterday we told you north korea launched three missiles, all of them today's, yesterday's falling into the sea. again, yesterday it was presumed that it was a test, but no warning was given about that test. as soon as we have more information on this of course we'll bring it to you live. >>> let's go to county now where a go-team of federal investigat
out the tops of these city buildings. give yourself extra tichlt slick conditions across the board. you don't want to be traveling too fast if you have the little ones with you. give yourself extra tichlt keep the ey your eyes on the road. 1:15 flight delays. a lot of people trying to get out of the town for the weekend. we are the only city across the nation with significant flight delays. count on these to ripple out throughout the day as the conditions are going to continue to deteriorate. here is what we are working with right now. radar tells the story of the day. showers steadily streaming onshore. the buloç of the morning has coe through the east bay. these showers have been steadily moving over the san jose and east bay. count on slick conditions down there as well as we progress throughout the morning hours. we are going to see more of this activity getting a little bit of a lull throughout the mid-section of the day. we will get more shower activity as you head home from work. keep that in mind. you can see clearly, heaviest pockets coming through the east bay. you want
out of the hardest-hit neighborhoods. that's three miles out of the city of granbury. the sheriff believes three tornadoes hit that neighborhood. most of the 110 homes are heavily damaged. nearly 100 people had to be evacuated on buses. storm survivors describe it as living through a nightmare. at least six people died. the sheriff believes that number could climb as they search through the wreckage in the daylight. in hood county, kendra lynn. now, back to you. >>> that's a pretty good-size homes there too. >> with the devastation, that type of thing, people run for cover. again, six people dead, sad out there. >> in our neck of the woods, you are going to wake up to what happened? april showers bring may flowers. >> a little mixed up. >> may showers bring headaches for motorists in the morning. good morning to you. this is going to be a rough drive to work. mike and i are tracking it for you and making sure you are ready for those showers. a lot of people are going to wake up, walk out the front door and see the wet pavement and say, hey, i didn't know it was going to rain. we w
tomorrow will be from kansas city right into oklahoma city. so eastern kansas and into central portions of oklahoma. large hail, and damaging winds, possibly in excess of 80 miles per hour are going to be possible tonight and again for tomorrow. >> axelrod: david bernard, thank you. on wednesday, when 16 tornadoes tore through north texas, many people got more warning than unusual about what was coming. the town of granbury, 40 miles southwest of fort worth, was hardest hit. our anna werner is there. >> reporter: residents headed in today for their first look at their devastated neighborhood. 97 of the 110 homes in the rancho brazos subdivision were damaged by the tornado. six people died, but officials believe the city's warning system, called code red, saved many lives. the same system is in place in cleburne, 30 miles away, where no one died. scott cain is mayor. >> people call us a miracle city but there was a lot of planning that went into it. >> reporter: wednesday night at 7:59 p.m., the first code red alert went out to nearly 2,000 residents warning of a severe thunderstorm. >>
and funnel clouds. the city of granbury about 70 miles southwest of dallas bore the brunt of the damage. residents say the tornado roared through like a train. >> everything is demolished. >> what was it like when it hit? >> hell. it was like hell. >> the houses are no more. they are leveled. >> for destruction from one to ten, it's probably about a ten. nothing is left hardly. >> the granbury storm was one of three confirmed twisters in the area according to the national weather service. we'll have more on the weather including the national forecast in just a few minutes. >>> the irs scandal has cost the man at the top his job. steve miller had been acting commissioner of the agencies for just six months. he was made aware as early as last year some inspectors were putting extra scrutiny on conservative nonprofits. his ouster satisfied many republicans, but some critics say this is far from over. >> my question isn't about who is going to resign. my question is, who is going to jail over this scandal? >> president obama promised new oversight and coordination with congress to investiga
cloned human embryos. >>> and collision course. cameras are rolling when a deer and a city bus have a run-in. this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, may 16th, 2013. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, at least six people are dead this morning after a tornado swept through a north texas town. the deadly twister touched down last night in granbury about 65 miles southwest of dallas. the same storm system produced at least two other tornadoes throughout north texas wednesday evening. in addition to the damaging winds, hail stones the size of baseballs fell in some areas. reporter andrea lucia from our dallas station kttv was in granbury. we understand there was an update. >> reporter: we got information from hood county the sheriff has been keeping numbers overnight. the important number, of course, six people have died. that number has stayed kint the last few hours. we also know, though, 14 people remain unaccountled for. all of these victims are from the same neighborhood rancho brazo, the area that took the hardest hit last night. emergency responders wer
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operating on the metro north railroad, a commuter line serving new york city's northern suburbs. the country's second largest system. 250 people were aboard the train when they collided after 6:00 p.m. >> i thought this is the end. brace yourself. it was very scary at the moment. once the train came to a stop. and i and the other passengers were okay. my next instinct was to get off and help as many people off. >> reporter: the national transportation safety board has sent investigators to the scene. so far, authorities don't know what caused the derailment. >> i have no reason to believe it is anything but an accident. >> reporter: amtrak has suspended service between new york and boston indefinitely because of the crash. the railway was operated at reduced capacity. alexis christoforous, wjz eyewitness news. >> at last check, five people are in critical condition. one of them is in very critical condition. >>> a big day for baltimore, president barack obama comes to town to talk jobs and the middle class. this morning the city is still buzzing. jessica kartalija explains he started with
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and coming into the community, volunteers. firefighters from other communities in other cities. and there are now donations of food and clothing and offers for people to stay with relatives and friends now that this tornado and these tornadoes will get a final number from the national weather service, have created so much destruction. back to you. >> victor, we're getting our first look at live pictures from the air of the damage there. it is still dark. we do see roofs ripped off of homes there. lots of damage on the ground. obviously as the sun does begin to come up there, we will get a much better sense of the scope of the damage there. we will come back to you because we want to stay with this all morning. thank you, victor blackwell. >>> we also want to look at where the storms might be headed right now. meteorologist jennifer delgado is in the cnn center in atlanta. good morning. >> good morning, christine and john. we're looking at the radar. things have quieted down since yesterday. you can see just scattered showers well to the southern part of texas. for areas hit by
commissioners run this out here. it's not in the city limits. but we are definitely a resource to them. we are out there to support the county. our sheriff has done a fabulous job out here. he's done a fabulous job. judge cochran and his commissioners out here. and right now, the city of granbury is just out here to support them. we're all family in this. we're all from granbury. but you know, there's other jurisdictions out here. but we're out here -- we're out here to support them any way we can. we've had our police force out here. we've had -- we've set up a resource in our city hall to inform people where they can go, where they can get help, where they can get aid, where they can get food, water, and probably additional clothing and stuff like that. but we're out here to support those guys and they're doing a tremendous job. >> mayor, i appreciate you taking the time to talk to us. i wish you and everybody there the best. mayor, thank you, and also doctor. amazing work there. let us know what you think. follow me on twitter. >>> just ahead, the message the boston bombing suspect wrot
major cities are in the path of some very dangerous storms. an estimated 35 million people across the united states could see some of the most volatile and potentially the most dangerous storm systems so far this season, one that far eclipses the one that unleashed 16 twisters across texas on wednesday that killed six people. the breaking news tonight, the national weather service is now confirming another tornado touched down in alabama just a few hours ago. we just got this video from outside the town of athens in northern alabama. meteorologist chad myers is live with the latest. chad, what's going on? >> it's a central park and also, central plains storm here, all the way from minnesota back on down even into the parts of wichita and into amarillo. here's the deal. we have all of this weather, we have warm air on one side, cold air on the other, and we haven't had tornadoes this year. we literally had less than half of the tornadoes that we should have had so far this year. so what does that mean. that tells us that all of a sudden, we're about to catch up. the warm and the co
and a warning. several major cities in the path of very dangerous storms. an estimated 35 million people across the united states could see some of the most volatile and dangerous storm systems so far this season. one that unleashed 16 twisters and texas wednesday that killed 6 black people. the breaking news tonight the national weather service's conforming it another tornado touched down in alabama a few hours ago. we just got this video outside of northern alabama. chad myers is live with the latest. >> it is the central park, some planes storm all away from minnesota back down into the parks of wichita and into amarillo. here is the deal. we have all of this weather, warm air on one side and cold air on the other and we have not had tornadoes this year. we have had less than half that tells us we are about to catch up. the warm and cold are not god. summer and spring are still around the corner. spring weather has to happen some time and it will happen this weekend. that will be saturday for parts of nebraska, kansas and iowa and oklahoma and sunday all away from all hyaline to wichita and
there investigating the city's 16th homicide. it happened overnight. a man's body was found in a parking lot 400 block of blossom hill road. want to let you know that all the police activity is confined to the parking lot. so blossom hill remains open for the morning commute. use it to access 85. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza, where the metering lights are on so we are seeing delays backed up to the overcrossing and the san mateo bridge commute is fine in both directions between hayward and foster city. that's traffic. for the latest forecast, we have hi-def doppler back. here's lawrence. >>> isn't that nice? not going to be able to use that very often here so we're enjoying it now. a lot of clouds streaming across our skies and we have seen a couple of scattered light showers in the form of virga, moisture evaporating before it hits the surface. but now we are starting to see a couple of raindrops hitting the ground. looks like some of those showers making their way in toward the livermore valley and san jose. we have had reports of light rain and that's what we are going to see from thi
as we head into the next couple of days. some of the cities impacted on saturday oklahoma city. on sunday the storm system is going to be a very slow mover. oklahoma city, wichita, kansas city, you could be looking at more strong storms. take a look at monday. north central texas could be hit again by more severe weather. we'll keep a watch on this over the next couple of days. steve, gretchen and brian. >>gretchen: thanks, maria. >>steve: could be trouble in tornado alley. >>gretchen: some headlines for you now. 625 thousand dollars worth of gold van sheurbs on -- vanishes on the tarmac of one of the nation's busiest airport. the plane's cargo was unloaded by five crew members and put on a cart. that cart was later found empty. the f.b.i. now investigating five airport workers. >>steve: happier news this morning for the new york city couple whose nanny is accused of murdering their two children. the couple just announced they're expecting a child. they wrote -- quote -- "we are filled with many emotions as we look to the future. but the most important one is hope. we are very
on this. we got city officials and city police in there that are also helping out. the whole community has come together right now and hopefully by daybreak we can get in there and clean this up and try to rescue the people and get everybody in a safe environment right now. that's our key priority right now. >> and everyone, as you said, working so hard together. mr. mayor, you talk about the accountability of people. is there fear that some people may still be trapped? >> we don't really feel that. we think we've accounted for most of them or all the people right now. some we haven't accounted for we actually feel like they weren't at their homes at this time and that hopefully we're hoping for the best for that but there's still that possibility when we go in here and during daybreak and try to clean up some of the rubble here. >> how much warning did everybody have, mr. mayor? >> pretty much i think most of the people had about the same warning throughout the city, they had anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes. the sirens sounded off. i know myself i was on the golf course and heard it -- hea
the right thing? mike mibach was told a lack of faith has consequences. >> reporter: the city of san francisco downtown u.s. flags on top of buildings. and opinions down on the streets. >> i just i do. i trust my government. >> so far the country has thrived with the government we have right now. >> you don't trust the government? why? >> why -- you know how corrupt they. >> reporter: we heard that word just yesterday. >> this is one of the worst kinds of corruptions. >> reporter: district attorney as he accused six public school employees of ripping off $15 million. >> i'm not too crazy about san francisco's present regime. >> reporter: the irs, the department of justice, even cal trans and what it knew about the bay bridge bolts. your trust in the government has been higher before? >> it was a little higher before. >> reporter: in 1958 public trust in the federal government to do the right thing was 73%. in january of this year it was 26%. whether it's the state, federal or local government, folks we spoke to say there are consequences if people in society do not trust the governme
: the city of san francisco downtown u.s. flags on top of buildings. and opinions down on the streets. >>jui do. i trust my government. >> so far the country has thrived with the government we have right now. >> you don't trust the government? why? >> why -- you know how corrupt they. >> reporter: we heard that word just yesterday. >> this is one of the worst kinds of corruptions. >> reporter: district attorney as he accused six public school employees of ripping off $15 million. >> i'm not too crazy about san francisco's present regime. >> reporter: the irs, the department of justice, even cal trans and what it knew about the bay bridge bolts. your trust in the government has been higher before? >> it was a little higher before. >> reporter: in 1958 public trust in the federal government to do the right thing was 73%. in january of this year it was 26%. whether it's the state, federal or local government, folks we spoke to say there are consequences if people in society do not trust the government. >> this becomes a substantial public policy issue. >> reporter: cory cook is director at the
through. the grand berry tornado pounded about 70 miles west southwest to the city of dallas texas. that is the one reported to be about a mile wide. the national whether service will need to head out once the sun comes up and survey the damage when they will confirm what these tornadoes were, possibly their strength in terms of wind speed. there are reports homes were possibly leveled. if that is the case we're looking at a very strong tornado, possibly es-3, es-4, possibly an es-5 tornado. that would mean winds of about 130 miles per hour or greater. if that damage is confirmed that homes are leveled or significantly damaged. here is a look at the radar at 8 p.m. eastern time. this is a radar picture. a line of storms, one of them across places east of wichita falls and another one down to areas west of the city of dallas. right now much quieter weather in place in these areas and we are expecting relatively quiet conditions throughout the day today but those storms still on the move. we did have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect across southeastern texas earlier this morning
san diego. there is light rain this morning. a lot of it's avoiding the cities. i-5, you'll be in and out of showers today. not horrible. temperatures cooler. even l.a. only right around 70 expecting severe weather. bakersfield and yuma, the two warmest spots on the map. >>> unfortunately, not a lot of changes over the weekend. i'll bring you those details. >> all right. i'd say it looks good enough. >> it doesn't look more bible. >> so far. thanks, bill. >>> this message is for chad ochocinco johnson. if you're watching, the police would like a word for you. >>> lottery fever sweeps the nation with almost $800 million up for grabs. >>> and televangelist pat robertson's bizarre advice for a woman whose husband cheated on her. >>> stories making news this morning. officials say surviving boston suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev wrote a note while hiding in a boat. sources tell nbc news he wrote the note for retaliation of u.s. actions against muslims. >>> an ohio man has been convicted of murder. by the blink of an eye, victim david chandler blinked three times when police showed
this morning. he is the grandson of malcolm x. 28-year-old shabazz was killed in mexico city last week. officials say he was beaten to death by two waiters over a $1,200 bar tab. shabazz's body is now on the way to new york for a private funeral and burial. >>> a mountain lion who wandered into downtown santa cruz is back where it belongs back up in the mountains. a 100-pound male was spotted yesterday. he got stuck downtown in an area aqueduct there. wildlife rescue crews tranquilized it as a crowd looked on. he is back in the mountains. >>> 7 missing people from the deadly texas tornadoes are now accounted for and today governor rick perry will be paying a visit to the affected areas. wednesday night, 16 tornadoes left nothing but debris and leveled homes in their wake. six people were killed and hundreds left homeless. granbury took the brunt of the deadly weather. a neighborhood with dozens of habitat for humanity homes. but one survivor is optimistic. >> all the people that helped me build it three years ago, say hey, don't worry about it, we're ready to build it again. >> many of
is shaping up to be the most dangerous day of the weekend. the storm shifts east into the bigger cities, more populated areas. minneapolis to oklahoma city. the highest threat includes des moines and k.c. and monday the risk of tornadoes including chicago and st. louis. one thing we have been missing through the spring is warm, sticky, tropical air, fuel for the fire for these storms. now we have the spin in the atmosphere, the hot sticky air. tonight in granbury, heat index values at 99 degrees. that's going to sweep up through the plains and midwest. those are the areas 35 million americans need to be on alert for dangerous storms tomorrow through monday. brian? >> mike seidel, thanks. a lot of folks in for a sporty weekend weatherwise. as for the situation on the ground in granbury, texas, officially the search for the missing is over. all are accounted for. the focus is on the devastation and the far-off recovery for the town and the region to the west of ft. worth in texas. nbc's gabe gutierrez part of our team on the ground. gabe, geechblgt -- good evening. >> reporter: brian, good even
, just after 6:00. just about an hour outside of new york city, in this busy corridor that services commuters between boston and new york and rescuers certainly had to help dozens of passengers out that were taken to nearby hospitals, as many as 60 people we're told taken to nearby hospitals to be treated for various injuries. about five in critical condition. and one was in serious condition, according to the governor, who had a press conference last night. what the initial investigation shows that the -- one of the trains that was heading eastbound toward new york city, packed with about 300 passengers, somehow derailed off of the tracks here and collided with a westbound train that was also carrying hundreds of passengers. again, rescuers scrambling in initial moments to get people off of those -- out of those trains and to help them. fortunately, no one was killed, but investigators will be poring over this wreckage today and, lester, it could be days before the wreckage and the service is restored. amtrak has also suspended service between new york city and new haven. >> michel
the city's diverse population. he has never run in a city-wide contest. the same can be said for bowser, word 4 council member, first to announce candidacy for mayor. if bowser wins, she will become only the second woman to hold the office of dc mayor. >>> the incumbent mayor vincent gray hasn't said if he'll seek re-election. it's still early. democratic primary, which normally decides who will be the next mayor, is still more than a year away. >>> virginia republicans are gathering in richmond this weekend for their annual convention. earlier today, they nominated the unopposed ken puchilelli for governor. he is criticized as being all- talk, no action. five republicans are running for lieutenant governor. this is the very first virginia gop convention dominated by the tea party. >>> you still have time to buy your powerball ticket. lottery officials say tonight's drawing will be worth nearly $600 million. the odds of winning, well, let's just say your chances aren't very good. people are lining up anyway at gas stations, convenience stores throughout the washington area. and we find
baltimore city detention center has the second highesterate of sexual conduct in the country. >>> well, if you cannot win it, if you are not in it. the biggest powerball jackpot in history is up for grabs tonight. folks across the state are rushing into drugstores and gas stations trying to provide the winning ticket. it is up to $600 million, the chance of cashing in is slim. 175million. >>> the real world intruded on hollywood's version yesterday. a live interview with scott waltz at the cannes film festival was interrupted by gunfire in the crowd. that cleared the stage and the audience fled. the host later came back on the air and said police had arrested the gunman who was firing blanks and carrying a fake grenade. >> it was the second disruptive incident at cannes within 24 hours. the night before, some thieves also made off with a hotel safe containing a million dollars i "cbs this morning" saturday, seth stone, beijing. >>> senior correspondent john miller who is a former director with the fbi has been looking into this case. good morning john. >> good
to the oklahoma border. the city of granbury, 70 miles southwest of the dallas border, bore the brunt of the damage. the tornado roared through like a train. >> it is rough. very rough. everything is demolished. >> what was it like when it hit? >> hell. >> the houses are no more. they're all leveled from the destruction from one to ten, it's probably about a ten. >> i mean there's nothing left over there hardly. >> the granbury storm is one of three confirmed twisters in the area according to the national weather service. we'll have the national forecast in just a few minutes. >>> the severe weather also brought some texas sized hail. there were reports of hail as large as grapefruit in the mineral wells area causing damage to vehicles and windows. nbc's bill karins is here for more on all this. bill, are there other parts of the country that are the arisk this morning? >> no, thankfully the severe threat is minimized and snou just strong storms heading for east texas. let me take you through what happened. the big question is how much lead time did these people in granbury have? did
where city leaders had a meeting today on that very issue. >> reporter: it was a very personal meeting. several lgbt bye national couples were there. they shared their emotional struggles and said it was almost as if they had to choose the person they love or their country. >> everything is at stake right now. me and my "wife" are separated by thousands of miles because i can't sponsor her to be here. >> reporter: gina and her wife got married last month and shortedly after said good-bye to each other because she couldn't sponsor her immigrant wife they have spent the majority of their entire relationship apart. >> you can't have that person with you and your life has to be planned out in advance. we'll get to see each other in four months or five months. and you just don't get to live. your life is on hold. >> reporter: she is one of many fighting for immigration reform to include rights for gay couples. san francisco city leaders are behind them. >> we believe in families in this country and families include members of the same- sex. he don't leave them behind because they're the sa
larger cities and bigger population areas, from minneapolis to rochester, des moines, omaha, wichita, oklahoma city and tulsa, all of the areas on sunday, mika, we have to keep an eye. you can still do your afternoon plans but you have to have your preparations in case one of these bad storms heads your way, get your family safe in a hurry. >> bill karins, thanks. we'll talk to you later. >> still a lot more coming up. peter alexander at the white house, still there, going to have luke russert at the capitol getting us up to date with everything else and lisa miers. >> i will give you rapping lessons in the break. we're not talking jay-z. >> sam stein -- >> if you have questions about his journalistic chops during the weather segment, what sam said, it's a cat. it's a cat. >> yes. >> which -- >> wasn't a dog. >> good. >> i talk. >> we told you we weren't going to let him talk. >> moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd, ahead of today's hearings on the irs, michael hainey, with the new issue of "gq". >> i bet another picture of kate upton in there. >> up next, many say, the former c
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of the south bay this morning. this is video taken early this morning in san jose. the city's 16th homicide, a man's body was found overnight near blossom hill road. all the police activity is confined to a parking lot a jack-in-the-box parking lot so if you are commuting in the area, blossom hill road remains open. so even though police are still out there, you can use it to access highway 85. overnight roadwork at the bay bridge, looks like the eastbound roadwork is still there on the lower deck. but look at this. it is now free and clear on the upper deck and heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. all tollbooth lanes open now to westbound traffic heading towards san francisco. to our maps, westbound 580 sluggish coming through the altamont pass and the livermore valley. not too bad though yet, 21 minutes the drive time through the altamont pass heading towards the dublin interchange. a check of mass transit is coming up. in the meantime, back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> the search for a 9-year-old san francisco girl is over. crews in lake county found mikaela lynch's body in cache
the top of granbury in the city limits there. it's a small town of 8,000 people. a beautiful lake that runs through it. that's when the tornado was reported. they had about 12, maybe 14 minutes of lead time with a tornado sirens going off. most people got to their safety rooms or hopefully to their safe destinations or drove out of town as the storm was approach. that's why we only have six fatalities. the pictures of the devastation through the town you would expect more people to be dead. i think early warnings did help in this case. and then finally one mile wide tornado as it went through the cleburne area to the south of town. that's actually the storm picking up shingles or whatever is light enough to carry up into the sky and our radar shows that debris in the air. when that happens, we've had a bad situation. >> bill karins, amazing that just 14 minutes of warning was enough for everybody. >> probably saved dozens of lives. >> bill karins, thank you very much. as everybody knows, there's lots of developing news in washington this morning. we're going to be right back with
on the economy. baltimore is a city that has seen its economy improve over the past several years. the president visiting an elementary school there. talking about his universal pre-k. he visited a manufacturing company as well. that is a tactic he's taking. if you look at polls, most americans say they still care most about the economy. that's the president's plan. will it actually work? we'll have to wait and see. of course these controversies aren't going anywhere any time soon. the question is will they derail? the larger goal, two of the big ticket items that he was hoping to address in the near future. >> thanks. time for the "news nation" political panel. xm radio talk show host and msnbc contributor michael smerconish. senior reporter at politico, good to see all of you. >> did we learn anything new today? was there a smoking gun? >> well, if you accept the testimony and i think that's a question that is open in many people's minds. we learned a couple of things first and foremost as to motivation. if you believe it. we learned this was not a function of bias. there was a certain point w
city on this thursday morning, may 16th. welcome to "morning joe." with us onset we have msnbc contributor mark barnicle. you look nice today. >> thank you, mika. >> you're wearing jeans. >> and green shoes. >> i knew it couldn't last forever. >> the good ones. >> of deutsch incorporated donny deutsch. whatever. and in washington, deputy washington bureau chief for "time" magazine michael crowley. and nbc news white house correspondent peter alexander. a lot to cover this morning, willie. it starts obviously with the president's news conference. it was late yesterday evening dealing with the irs scandal. i felt good about it because he was doing the thing that he doesn't like to do which was get out in front of something and be emphatic and forceful and say it's going to get fixed. it's going to get done and then walked right out the door. i still have some questions but overall point of ew, willie? >> well, in one scandals that are plaguing the white house. he release the e-mails on benghazi, accepted the resignation of the acting head of the irs and called for a media shield
kooiman joins us outside of another city also badly damaged this storm. anna, that devastation behind you looks just awful this morning. how are things there? >> absolutely. good morning to you, heather. good morning to everybody at home. we are in hood county the same county as granbury. you see this home now it is almost perpendicular to the road. this is where it used to be almost parallel to the road. these are the stairs here. the hardest hit neighborhoods they are sealed off to the media. the national weather service confirming five tornadoes but reports up to 13. one of them registers at an ef 4 status. the winds packing up to 200 miles an hour. the sheriff in hood county telling us that 6 people have died including two people in their 80s. 7 people are unaccounted for. we spoke with the storm systems yesterday. take a listen. >> the roof comes off the walls are glassy and what are you think sng>> i looked at my mother in law all i knew was to get her and get out. >> do you have insurance? >> no. >> what's the plan now? >> we don't e no. -- we don't know. >> grateful to god we are
other. police say galfi drove to new york city to pick kai up last weekend and then spent the weekend at galfi's home. kai's last facebook post says it was sexual in nature. police are investigating what happened. until more is known the internet's hitchhiker is off the streets and behind bars. >> the beating victim was a well respected attorney with more than 40 years experience in new jersey. >>> ahead on "starting point" start salivating. taco bell. >> start drooling now. >> they are testing outta cos for breakfast. that's a waffle taco. >> send them here now! you know what? it's a good way to spend money. what would you do with half a billion? that's half a billion tacos. find out your chances of winning saturday's powerball drawing. how high are they? >> you have a good chance of winning, john? >> i do. we'll tell you all about it next. when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with car
to new york city, one the opposite direction. the northbound train derails plowing near the southbound train. it's unclear how fast the trains were going but as you could imagine passengers were terrified. >> all of a sudden we just hear boom, and then we saw like smoke everywhere. and i was just with my two kids hugging them, embracing them. >> people almost flew over the seat. i held on but i'm okay. there's people that's hurt though. >> we went to the front of the train, kicked out windows. >> it will take a while to investigate and determine what happened, how fast they were going and to determine the cause. so it's going to take quite some time. >> reporter: scores of people were injured, 46 of 70 who were hospitalized have now been released from the hospital. however, we're told that five people remain in critical condition. connecticut's governor dannel malloy will be there with the ntsb trying to figure out what happened here, how this could have occurred and how long these trains, this line will be out of service, a major line, the only one really between new york headed north
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the city is moving forward and is strong. >>> also, new information on ariel castro's house. we're getting more information from law enforcement about what allegedly went on inside the house. lot of money on their car insurance by switching to geico...they may even make you their best man. may i have the rings please? ah, helzberg diamonds. nice choice, mate. ...and now in the presence of these guests we join this loving couple. oh dear... geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. ♪ fly me to the moon ♪ let me play among the stars ♪ and let me see what spring is like ♪ ♪ on jupiter and mars ♪ in other words [ male announcer ] the classic is back. ♪ i love [ male announcer ] the all-new chevrolet impala. chevrolet. find new roads. ♪ you d . >>> welcome back, here in boston it has been a month since the bombings, and lives were changed forever. at 2:50 p.m., after the bombings, they observed a moment of silence. boston police also put their flags back to full staff. there is an out-pouring of support for the victims, one fund has raised more than $30 mill
that there was a person of interest, another family member by the name of rubin ramirez has been located in the city of san francisco by the u.s. marshall's service. >> the culmination of a violent and tragic day in unincorporated san jose, about 3:30 this afternoon, the man came home to find three relatives stabbed, a woman, a 1-year-old boy and a 3-year-old girl. the woman and the boy are dead. that man we are told is antonacio ramirez, who called police and then his brother. >> my brother told us to come fast. he told us his wife was dead. >> the 167 for the person of interest went on all day and into the evening. more than 50 law enforcement personnel were involved from as far away as sunnyvale. >> the child victims says romeo are his brothers nephews, the pastor of the nearby church says the person of interest has a history of mental illness. he's been off his medication and deputies responded to a report of violence at this address this week. but according to the pastor, duedies reportedly told the family there's nothing going on right now, there's nothing we can do. no comment on that tonight
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